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Patrícia Henriques Domingues, Lalitha S Y Nanduri, Katarzyna Seget, Sharavan V Venkateswaran, DavidAgorku, Cristina Viganó, Conrad von Schubert, Erich A Nigg, Charles Swanton, Rocio Sotillo, Andreas Bosio, Zuzana Storchová and Olaf Hardt,
Cellular prion protein PRPC and ecto-5′-nucleotidase are markers of the cellular stress response to aneuploidy | Cancer Research. Cancer Res April 4 2017

Libouban, M., de Roos, J., Uitdehaag, J., Willemsen-Seegers, N., Mainardi, S., Dylus, J., de Man, J., Tops, B., Meijerink, J., Storchová, Z., Buijsman, R., Medema, R., & Zaman, G. (2017). Stable aneuploid tumors cells are more sensitive to TTK inhibition than chromosomally unstable cell lines. Oncotarget, 5.

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